Mateas was born in 1960 ,in Timisoara ,a western city of Romania . At the age of 13 he was selected for the pottery and ceramics class of prof. Radula .
During his activity here ,he participated to several competition and his ceramic works were sent to Holland and Japan ..

From 1985 he is a student at the Belle –arte school in Timisoara ,working together with prof . Palalau .He graduates in1988 .Since that moment he participate to several art exhibitions ..

In 1993 he is selected by french specialist Pascal and he receive supplementary art training . He participate with art works at the Pascal galleries in France ..

In 1998 some of his paintings are selected for the the german art gallery Gemelde und Skulpturen in Northeim ..

In his home town he is present at the Art –Rotary gallery ,Carola’s art, Orchideea and Etno art gallery .

The favorite themes are :still life , portraits and hunting scenes .
His still life describes elements of catholic rituals and the ideas of family several objects that interact ,bonded together by a special light (spiritual connection between the family members) .
His art works are to be found in Europe , North America ,Australia and Canada .